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Welcome to PeerZone

PeerZone is a series of three hour peer led workshops in mental health and addiction where people explore recovery and whole of life wellbeing.

We’ve developed twenty workshops within five themes:

  • Understanding ourselves
  • Empowering ourselves
  • Working on our wellbeing
  • Connecting to the world
  • Exploring our unique identities

PeerZone works on three levels for  participants:

  • It invites them to rebuild a more positive story of their lives.
  • It offers tools for whole of life wellbeing.
  • It creates a community of mutual support.

PeerZone works on three levels for services:

  • It’s a service innovation for organisations that invest in it.
  • It’s a practice tool and support structure for workers with lived experience who facilitate it.
  • It’s a personal development opportunity for service users who participate in it.


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PeerZone works

PeerZone was developed by Mary O’Hagan, Sara McCook Weir and other peers in New Zealand.

It has been tested and it works
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The PeerZone office does not deliver the workshops; we prepare and support peer facilitators to deliver them.

We are full steam ahead in New Zealand and Australia and will be rolling out in Canada this year. It won’t be long until PeerZone is on offer in other countries.

Find out how you can help to make PeerZone happen in your area or service.


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